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  1. Fund V Acquires Gold Standard Baking

    Parallel49 Equity announces the acquisition of Gold Standard Baking (“GSB”).  Based in Chicago, IL, GSB is a leading full-service bakery specializing in fully-baked, thaw-and-serve croissants, danishes and other sweet baked goods, sold through multiple channels in the food industry.  Founded in 1987, GSB has grown from a gourmet neighborhood

  2. Fund V Acquires Certified Recycling

    Parallel49 Equity announces the acquisition of Certified Recycling (“Certified”).  Certified is a leading provider of recycling and waste solutions services in Southern California.  Matt Dalton, co-owner of Certified, says, “This transaction was a fantastic outcome for the company’s shareholders and employees.  The investment from Parallel49 Equity presents our family’s

  3. Fund V Acquires Tiger Calcium

    Parallel49 Equity announces the acquisition of Tiger Calcium Services Inc.  Tiger Calcium is one of the largest manufacturers of calcium chloride products in Western Canada with applications in dust control, road stabilization, de-icing, oilfield drilling fluids and mine water suppression.  Tiger Calcium is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. Tiger Calcium is the